Circumferential Piston Pumps/Rotary Piston Pumps

JEC Circumferential Piston Pumps are specially designed for the most stringent sanitary standards by adapting Front Loading Seal system.

Circumferential piston pumps are also known as rotary piston pumps. Some of the unique features of JEC circumferential piston pumps or rotary piston pumps are as follows

  • Hydraulically and dimensionally they are same as Waukesha┬« U2 series and so you can drop-in JEC ZP series to replace U2 series without any modification of any base plates or suction and discharge piping.
  • ZP series Circumferential piston pumps are certified in accordance with EHEDG offer a perfect CIP and drain ability.
  • JEC ZP pumps Front loading seal provides faster maintenance, easier cleaning and less downtime compared to any rotary piston pump or circumferential piston pump available in the world
  • Non-galling Alloy WM 88 provides better suction capability and efficiency with much tighter clearance make these rotary piston pumps ,a unique positive displacement pump being used for vide range from really thin to viscous liquids.
  • Outer shimming located between gearbox and casing reduces a lot of time-consumed rotor's alignment
  • Stainless steel gear box made from precision casting (Lost Wax) offers paint free and long last durability
  • Heavy-duty taper roller bearing and torque locking systems allows stable operating under severe condition of high discharge pressure.
  • Variable seal options such as single mechanical seal, double mechanical seal, lip seals, o-ring seals allows the pump to be easily adapted to changing conditions of service.
  • JEC ZP Circumferential piston pumps have two shaft keys on rotors provide more sturdy operation at high discharge pressure or external vibration taking capability
  • Mirror finish of 0.6 ╬╝m Ra and wetted parts of SS316L standards.
  • Maximum pressure: 300 psi(21bar).
  • Maximum capacity: 152 GPM(35 m3/hr).
  • No-limitation of application from thin to thick viscosity, industrial to pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields.