Drum pumps


Drum pumps

The drum pumps, barrel pumps and container pumps by JESSBERGER are light, handy and powerful devices for an economic and safe filling and transferring of thin to medium viscosity, neutral or aggressive media.

They can be used as transportable or stationary drum and container pumps and are designed for a intermittent, non-continuous use.

Different pump tubes of Jessberger drum pumps for different media are interchangeable and can be used with same electric or pneumatic driven motor.

Outside ex areas Jessberger pump tubes can be also combined with the motors of some of our competitors and vice versa.

A suitable drum pump for each application

The flow rate of a drum pump depends firstly on the speed of the motor and then on the pump output. Our top sellers are the universal motor JP-180 (230 Volt, IP 24, 600 Watt) and the JP-280 (230 Volt, IP 24, 600 Watt). Further more we can offer also motors in protection class IP 54 as well as an electric ex motor in 550 Watt and ATEX certified pneumatic driven motors.

An electronic speed control for the motor of drum pumps is available as an option. The rotation speed of the drum pump motors JP-160 JP-180 JP-200 JP 280 and JP-300 is hereby controlled by a knob at the handle so that the capacity of the drum pumps can be adjusted for the particular application. In air motors the speed of the motors and capacity of the drum pump can easily be regulated by the air supply.

For flammable liquids and for use in hazardous areas ex-proof drum pumps are available with appropriate accessories. The electric and air driven motors and pump tubes made of conductive stainless steel pump tube diameter 41 mm, mixing pump tubes.

Eccentric screw pump JP SR-700 with PTFE stator) are certified to ATEX 100a. Also conductive solvent hoses made of EPDM or multi-purpose chemical hoses made of crosslinked polyethylene are available from stock.

While pumping flammable materials it is also important to ensure that an absolutely necessary potential equalization is made. For this purpose the available bonding ground set can be used.

To offer the right drum pump for your application we need the following information:

  • Medium (name, concentration, viscosity, density, temperature, solids)
  • Description of the exact application
  • Drum or container size (because of the tube length, 1000 mm: 200 liter barrel, 1200 mm: IBC)
  • Requested flow rate and pressure as well as distances
  • Operating time per day and per day continuously