Mouvex Eccentric Disc Pumps

Mouvex Eccentric Disc Pumps

The unique features of eccentric disc technology can provide many advantages over competing pump designs including low shear, no leakage and reduced maintenance.

  • No mechanical seals.
  • No expensive magnets.
  • Combines low-shear with high-volume efficiency.
  • Stainless 3A approved models for sanitary applications are designed to EHEDG recommendations.
  • Self-priming capability.
  • Automatic piston/cylinder wear adjustment assures consistent performance.
  • Line Stripping capabilities due to compression effect.

C Series

  • Gentle handling and high-volume efficiency.
  • For food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic applications.
  • With EHEDG and 3A certification for hygiene pumps.

Micro C Series

  • Eccentric disc technology in a smaller footprint.
  • Perfect for low-flow metering of low or high viscosity fluids.

S Series

  • Superior suction and drain ability for sanitary applications.
  • Ideal for COP applications.

A Series

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  • C Series
  • Micro C Series
  • S Series
  • SLC Series
  • A Series