Internal Gear Pump


Internal rotary gear pump is designed with a simple principle under "Gear within a gear" therefore this oval type gear pump has a high efficiency and capability.

When the pump shaft rotates, the fluid enters the pump through inlet and fills the gap between the idler gear and rotor gear.

According to rotation of the gears, the fluid is pushed out of the pump discharge. The fluid flows from suction to discharge as figures 1, 2 and 3 illustrate.



This pump can transport liquids of any viscosity, even at high and low temperatures. At any extreme these pumps have the ability to give trouble free operation.
Good suction/NPSH capability:-
Due to their original, innovative configuration these pumps are able to create a strong vacuum. They can be used as a self vacuum pump for air and gases, and are able to provide gas mixture`s without trouble.
Smooth liquid flow:-
Because the gears roll in the same direction, without closing, the flow of the liquid is uninterrupted and bubble-free.
Easy maintenance and parts replacement:-
Worn parts can be easily replaced.


  • Cooking oil, soybean oil, shortening, lard, butter, margarine, chocolate, malt honey, sausages, curry, jam, sugar syrup, glazing sugars.
  • Paints, water paints, cation paints, varnishes, emulsion, bondings, rosins, pastes, enamels, magnetic paints.
  • Plastics, oil soap liquid, phenol resin, formalin, policarbonated resin, acrylics, liquid calcium, inks, latex compounds, high viscosity adhesives, cleansers, hot melt, epoxy resin.
  • LPG, benzene, gasoline, alcohol, liquid freon, heavy oils, coal tar, pitches, greases, asphalt, Bitumen acid pitch.
  • Base oil, Lube oil, heating oils.