Rotary Lobe Pumps

JEC Rotary Lobe Pumps are specially designed to cater to process applications in various industries

  • JEC rotary lobe pumps are versatile for various applications
  • Easy to install and maintain than any other lobe pumps available currently.
  • JEC lobe pumps are certified by EHEDG & 3A.
  • Rotary lobe pumps are field interchangeable to various lobe types.
  • Rotary lobe pumps are available with thermal jacketing option for front plate and pump casing.
  • JEC rotary lobe pumps are available with various lobe options single lobe, bi-wing, tri-lobe, multi-lobe, helical lobe and ultra clean lobe

  • Ideally designed for hygienic process and easily field repairable
  • Interchangeable to various seal types due to unique front loading seal design
  • Mirror finish - standard 0.6┬ÁmRa and Optional 0.4 ┬ÁmRa.
  • Balanced seal and multi-spring of rotary seal ring drive really unique front loading seals
  • Single mechanical seal, flushed mechanical seal, lip seal, O-ring seal, double mechanical seal options are available for all the lobe pumps.
  • Maximum pressure : 435 psig (30 Bar)
  • Maximum capacity :880 gpm (200 M3/hr)
  • Suitable for dairy, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, bio pharma, chemical confectionary, soap and detergent, sugar, brewery, LCD/PDP line etc.