Eccentric Ball Pumps

Eccentric Ball Pumps

Infinity Pumps and Systems Pvt Ltd along with their other products, provide eccentric ball pumps and vane pumps of Jump Pump, France. These pumps are unique in design and have applications in many critical and typical processes in food, pharma, lube oil, soap industry and others.

Jump Eccentric Ball Pumps

  • These are motor operated eccentric ball pumps with unique design of cylinder and piston.
  • Seal less pump design to make sure you don’t have to worry about frequent leakages..
  • Self priming, so is excellent in negative suction capabilities.
  • Dry running capabilities, which enables the Jump eccentric ball pump to empty the suction.
  • The compressor effect at the discharge side enables the Jump eccentric Ball pump to empty the discharge line, effectively stripping the suction and discharge pipe line both. This saves you cost to clean the pipelines and the wastage of precious products is also reduced significantl.
  • Self-compensating design allows you to get the same performance from the pump for maximum time of the life time of pump.
  • Non pulsating flow characteristic, which allows for accurate and precise dosing of the products.
  • Low shear pump.
  • Flow rates available upto 42 m3/hr and pressure upto 10 bars.
  • Flow rates available upto 42 m3/hr and pressure upto 10 bars.
  • Brand: Jump Pump

More information is available in Jump Pumps pdf which can be download as free pdf.