Hydra Clean

Hydra Clean

Graco's Hydra Clean

Air-Operated and Hydraulic Pressure Washers for Hazardous Locations

Spray down portability for sanitary and industrial applications

  • Efficient cleaning with hot or cold water, detergent or chemical solutions up to 200°F      (93°C).
  • Supports two guns on one unit for multiple operators.
  • Use with open-head universal drums.
  • Durable piston pump technology will not corrode with harsh chemicals.

Gas and electric can’t be used? Choose the pneumatic-driven or hydraulic-driven Hydra-Clean pressure washer for your cleaning solution!

Unlike many gas and electric pressure washers, our Hydra-Clean pressure washers are designed to operate in hazardous locations. Our industrial and sanitary pressure washers are a quick, easy and efficient method to clean your toughest environments.

High Pressure and High Flow Cleaning

  • Air: Up to 4,000 psi (275.6 bar) and 9 gpm (34 lpm).
  • Hydraulic: Up to 4,300 psi (296.5 bar) and 9 gpm (34 lpm).

Supports Multiple Guns

  • Use 2 spray wands at the same time to support multiple operators.


  • Use with hot or cold water, detergents or strong chemical solutions up to 200°F (93°C).

Optional Hose Reel

  • Hose reel kit easily mounts on any new or existing cart- or wall-mount Hydra-Clean unit

Pump Construction

  • Durable piston pump technology can handle abrasives.
  • 300 Series SST pump will not corrode with chemicals, abrasives or in harsh environments.
  • Maximum capacity: 9 GPM(34 LPM)
  • Maximum Pressure: 296.3 Bar
  • Size: 3/8" TO 1"
  • Option: Pneumatic Hydraulic Hydra-Clean
  • Brand: GRACO