Albin Pumping Solution

  • Albin pump – solution for accurate/variable flow, with -9.8 meter negative suction and      capability of dry running, works with most abrasive, hazardous and solid content fluids.

Automatic Chlorine Dosing Sytem

  • Accurate dosing of chlorine in ppm, with automatic controls for level sensors and      pressure.
  • Dosing system supplied for industrial washing machines for textile industry.

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

  • There are no equals, Graco Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump, offering best in class      air valve system , with side and center porting option , widely accepted and in use all over      the world.
  • Unloading chemical pump skid .

Rotary Lobe Pump for cosmetic applications

  • 3A, EHEDG approved , cip'able JEC Hygeinic Rotary Lobe Pump.
  • Unique front loading mechanical seal design enabling less down time and more      productivity.

Lobe Pump for filteration system

  • 3A, EHEDG, front loading seal design and cip'able.
  • Optimised for use in filtration systems(tangential and cross), eliminates requirement of      large footprint and brings down maintenance down time in compact filtration systems.

Lobe Pump with inline presure relief valve

  • 3A, EHEDG approved, cip'able JEC Hygeinic Rotary Lobe Pump with line mounted pressure      relief valve.
  • Optimum for use in areas where high back pressure is a no-no!


  • Cipable powder mixing system consisting of shear blender with platform, easing the      process of pouring heavy bags of powder into the hopper.
  • Equipped with vfd–control panel for increased ease of operation(start-stop module).