Vane Pumps

Vane Pumps

Infinity Pumps and Systems Pvt Ltd along with their other products, provide eccentric ball pumps and vane pumps of Jump Pump, France. These pumps are unique in design and have applications in many critical and typical processes in food, pharma, lube oil, soap industry and others.

Jump Vane Pumps

  • Motor operated Vane pumps.
  • Self-priming pump at higher viscosities.
  • Dry run capabilities.
  • Less maintenance down time due to innovative disassembly of seal from the front.
  • Self-compensating design, increasing the performance of the pump over the lifetime of the pump.
  • Integrated double bypass design option available.
  • Flow rates upto 100 m3/hr.

More information is available in Jump Pumps pdf which can be download as free pdf.