Homogenization in every industry is a necessary process and one which determines the effectiveness of the end product without compromising on cost, time and manpower variables.

Homogenization or mixing serves as variety of purposes, either resulting in end product for active use or resulting in a product which can be used as a raw material for a further step in the process.

Both of the above processes require an efficient, timely and low maintenance mixing system to be installed which also saves you power!

JEC Inline High Shear mixer/ Homogenizer are designed and manufactured keeping just that in mind!

But before going into advantages of JEC Inline High Shear Mixer/Homogenizer, first it would be better to know what it actually means when we say mixing based on high shear.

Mixing using high shear employs the fact that the two layers of the liquid/semi-liquid/solid-liquid mixture move at a different velocity in reference to each other.

This movement creates a force acting on the respective surfaces/layers resulting in breaking down of the constituting particles into smaller and yet smaller particles.

The rotary action of the motor driven impeller then in conjugation with the stator, creates a centrifuge effect, resulting in equal distribution of the particles of different phases, intimately in contact with one another, making a homogeneous mixture.

Key factors to keep in mind here are the speed of the tip of impeller relative to speed of the center of the impeller, and rotary speed

Some more variables which effect the homogenization are the viscosity of the product, and the amount of the product.

JEC Inline High Shear mixer/ Homogenizer uses the unique design of its rotor-stator, creating a greater tip speed, resulting in a better homogenous mixture in a smaller amount of time.

This lessening of time also effects the overall power being used in the time interval, resulting in an energy efficient mixing solution.

This principle is being used and implied and running satisfactorily in many of our customers in a variety of application, which include and are not limited to dairy, cosmetics etc.

To know more about the JEC Inline High Shear mixer/ Homogenizer and the fundamentals of the mixing applied by us, feel free to contact us at www.infinitypumps.com or call us at +91 9811016348

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