Positive displacement pumps in general, have been in and around us in our industries for quite some time now. These pumps are accurate, work better against a set pressure, giving a constant flow rate. One of the branches of the positive displacement pump is lobe pump. These lobe pumps are further divided into industrial lobe pumps and hygienic rotary lobe pumps

Infinity Pumps and Systems Pvt. Ltd. represents the range of JEC Hygienic Lobe Pumps in India.

Hygienic rotary lobe pumps are usually non-contact type, introducing negligible shear into shear sensitive products, with minimum to zero pulsation and capabilities of transferring products with solid particles also. These salient features ensure that a wide array of products can be transferred with ease and without variation in flow and head.

Hygienic rotary lobes are also very useful in the end process, wherein a staple requirement of any hygienic pump is CIPability. The hygienic design and years of R&D towards achieving a fully CIPable pump have ensured that these pumps are fully CIPable and tested for any residue or material left, over and over again

However, Many manufacturers these days just convince you that any SS316L pump is a hygienic pump !

It’s like saying a bicycle is also a two wheeler.

JEC hygienic rotary lobe pumps are certified by EHEDG and 3A, which in itself are autonomous 3rd party approvals, which have defined various design considerations and guidelines for manufacturing bio process equipment which is fully CIPable and 100% hygienic.

Few of these points are for example:-

  1. There should be no metal to metal contact.
  2. Any metal to metal contact should be middles with an elastomer compatible in design for full flushability.
  3. The spring in the mechanical seal should be away from the product.
  4. Thedead lag area, should be minimum to zero.

Above factors are just a few points which need to be taken care of when designing or manufacturing a hygienic rotary lobe pump, and JEC hygienic rotary lobe pumps are approved with EHEDG and 3A for doing just that.

It doesn’t seem plausible that your existing supplier kept all that in mind, huh? Do also remember, any non-genuine spare parts like for example, say the seal faces of the mechanical seal, have not gone through extensive testing of the material which the seal is made of, or tested for hazardous compound.

One such example is high contents of sulphur found in generally all tungsten and silicon carbide seal faces. The high sulphur content can ruin the chemical stability of your precious end products like toothpaste, shampoo, cream, ointment etc.

JEC hygienic rotary lobe pumps seal faces come with their own testing done, the certificate for which can be requested for a small extra charge.

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