Graco Husky E series Eodd pumps use and run on electricity. The mere fact that air (which is a secondary source of energy) is used to run air operated double diaphragm pumps in the past few decades makes it although easier to maintain, but a costly affair.

The advantage of using an AODD PUMP is the feature of stalling under a high differential pressure, which is still not available in many electrically run positive displacement pumps.

But now, the unique advantage of the AODD pumps, has been merged with the efficiency of an electric drive and the result is Graco Husky E series EODD pumps.

Various calculations and studies done show and prove that the maintenance cost for an AODD is 2-3 times of an EODD pump. Advantages of EODD PUMPS :-

  • The patent pending technology of Graco husky e series allows pump to stall under pressure stopping pump failures due to choked line or sudden closed valves.
  • Various options in electric motor reduce energy consumption up to 80% compared to traditional air operated diaphragm pumps.
  • Seal less technology( only oil seals)
  • The low rpm of the gearbox itself ensures that the wearing out of eccentric shaft arrangement is not a frequent case.
  • Options available in motor type and class, so that the pump can be used in hazardous applications also.
  • Alternatively leak sensor systems are also available.

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