Jump Eccentric Ball pump technology is not new.

The technology itself is 100 years old and is well proven in France other parts of Europe and US.

The advantages include, seal less technology, no product retention in suction or discharge pipes and one of the most important for Food industry, a gentle, shear free pumping action.

Many products in Food industry like Mayonnaise are very shear sensitive and lose their texture and feel, if passed through equipment with high shear effects. The remedy to this problem is to make sure that the equipment adds as little shear as possible to the product after the batch is manufactured.

Mayonnaise, in its preparation phase needs shear. It needs high shear so that the oil and water phases, which are immiscible naturally, can be mixed to create the emulsion which is called Mayonnaise. But after the Mayonnaise is prepared, any further shear action can change the texture required of the Mayonnaise before the filling line.

The Jump Eccentric Ball Sealless MayonnaisePumps are designed to add negligible shear to the product due to their pumping action. Comparing with a typical positive displacement pump, the speed of contact points in a Jump Eccentric Ball Seal less pump are 6-8 times lesser!

This ensures that there is negligible shear introduced to the product due to the pumping action itself. This negligible shear action is helpful to the manufacturer in the Quality Check phase of their manufacturing and minimizes waste of the product.

Various satisfied customers worldwide have removed their other positive displacement pumps and installed the Eccentric Ball technology for their manufacturing to storage and storage to filling application. What more, the efficient shear less pumping action of the Jump Eccentric Ball technology ensure that the product once prepared can be directly transferred to the filling machine, eliminating the need of a storage vessel.

Other advantage of the gentle pumping action of Jump Eccentric Ball Sealless Mayonnaisepump is dosing accuracy. It helps in the filling line, where an accurate amount of Mayonnaise is required every time. A slight up or down from the approved deflection percentage of the product in pouches or jars, would be liable to getting that product or worse, that batch, rejected. This would cause huge losses to the manufacturer. Jump Eccentric Ball Sealless Mayonnaise pump ensures that, it does not happen.

Further advantages are: –

  • No product Retention in the suction and discharge line.
  • Same flow, even if the viscosity changes
  • Same flow, even if the back pressure fluctuates
  • Can be run dry.

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