Potato Mash is very thick, sticky and leaves starch which when dried, crystallizes, and turns into powder

The challenge for the transferring of Potato Mash is huge for manufacturers of food products which comprise, Potato Mash as their main or secondary ingredients

Frequent failures in the pump shaft due to high starting torques, in lobes due to abrasion due to starch and in mechanical seal due to starch getting stuck on seal faces and drying are common problems which various manufacturer deal with.

The need of the hour is a system with such design which can assist the pump in overcoming these obstacles and the design of the pump itself, to be robust and long lasting.

We introduce our Infinity Potato Mash Transfer System, which is our latest innovation, launched keeping in mind, the above difficulties faced by the manufacturers

The design of the Infinity Potato Mash Transfer System is simple and consists of a pump, hopper with an augur system and some controls.

The minimalistic design of the Infinity Potato Mash Transfer System is to make sure that the system is manufactured with the aim of lessening the problems of manufacturers, not increasing by intricate machinery and costly spare parts.

Few advantages of using Infinity Potato Mash Transfer System: –

    1. Minimalistic Design, less no of spare parts.
    2. Robust, long lasting.
    3. Clever controllers, to ensure the pump does not run dry.
    4. Unique design of lobes, screws to minimize wearing.
    5. Slow start, to reduce high starting torque, further speed can be increased/decreased with controls.
    6. Suggested to use with oil lubrication, to reduce frequent seal failure.

We have very satisfied customers in India who have been using our Infinity Potato Mash Transfer system for quite some time now and the ease and the low maintenance, make sure that they keep coming back to us.

We also offer customization on our Infinity Potato Mash Transfer System, to match and replace your existing Potato Mash/Dough Transfer System, which is costing you big money.

The crux of the Infinity Potato Mash Transfer System lies in the clearances, sensors and other technical details which we would love to share with you.

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