Fruit pulp in its form, is helpful to the fruit processing company, the transport company and finally the manufacturer who uses fruit pulp for manufacturing jams, juices, beverages, or ice creams.

This is because, fruit pulp is far easier to handle, process than raw fruit.

So the fruit processing company will generally package the fruit pulp, mango, guava etc, in a 200 Liter barrel and send it to the end user manufacturing plant.

But there in lies another problem which the end manufacturer faces.

They want to transfer out their precious, high quality grade fruit pulp from the barrel as efficiently as possible, so as to not damage the texture of the fruit pulp, still getting most pulp out from the barrel.

And what more, these all steps have to be done in a strict timeline following manner, such that the transfer from the barrel times comes down to minutes, for big plants, where thousands of barrel are being used every day.

There are compromises which the end manufacturer does, like using a centrifugal pump and transferring the pulp with a little addition of water or tilting the drum or even manually scrapping every gram off the barrel.

To take care of all these problems Infinity Pumps and Systems Pvt Ltd has introduced Drum Plus Barrel pump for fruit pulp transfer.

From the design phase of our  Drum Plus Barrel Pumps for fruit pulp transfer, care has been taken to account for the speeds at which the pump will run, the clearances to be maintained consequently, the rubber material to be used, the type of coupling to be used, to just name a few.

Our Drum Plus Barrel Pumps for fruit pulp transfer have a unique rotor-stator design and extra clearances to transfer products like mango pulp, fruit pulp and slow speeds at which the pump is run, make sure that there is almost no texture change in the mango-guava fruit pulp while and after transfer.

The low pressure area generated at the suction of the Drum Plus Barrel Pump for fruit pulp transfer, due to the unique design of rotor-stator ensure that there is almost negligible material left in the barrel and the person handling the process doesn’t has to scrape off the left out pulp from the barrel.

Infinity Pumps and Systems Pvt Ltd pioneers in technical innovations to give the best quality product to the industry for successful pumping solutions.

We would love to share more about our Drum Plus Barrel Pump for Mango, fruit unloading and transfer.

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