Tuffgear Chocolate Internal gear Pumps

“Tuffgear” Internal gear pumps are the perfect solution for smoother and creamier chocolate manufacturing process.

Chocolate is a universally loved product. This love for chocolate culminates in it being melted, mended in different forms. Chocolate manufacturing and processing has always been a challenge to many industry leaders, despite its massive size and versatility. The process of manufacturing chocolate is very critical and requires special attention & technical knowhow in each and every step of the way. Internal gear pumps are widely and successfully used for chocolate manufacturing.

Some problems which the manufacturers face are the burning of the chocolate, caramelisation of chocolate and chocolate creams at higher temperature etc.

The chocolate processing industry has always been and is in search of a technology which can reduce their maintenance needs, increase the life of the chocolate processing equipment and meet their production demands in a high performance and strategic way

Infinity Pumps & Systems Pvt. Ltd., are proud to introduce “Tuffgear” brand of chocolate internal gear pump which is a positive displacement pump specially designed with technical knowhow and years of hard work of our R&D team. We have researched and studied and incorporated solutions in our design of the “Tuffgear” chocolate internal gear pumps,to the problems faced during chocolate manufacturing processing.

“Tuffgear” pumps, with our expert team of application engineers ensure that some of the issues which are a constantpain to the chocolate manufacturer are easily avoided. These include:

  • Burning/ charring of chocolate:-“Tuffgear” chocolate pumps ensure a trouble free and smooth operation at RPM’S less than 100
  • Caramelisation:- Low speeds and extra clearances of our internal gear pumps ensures that this does not happen
  • Crystallisation:- We offer a variety of housing, bracket jacket options to ensure a constant temperature is maintained.Other options of electrical jacketing are also available.
  • Damage to the product: – Low pulsation low shear with “Tuffgear” Chocolate internal gear pumps ensure there is no damage to the product.
  • Meantime between failures:-Special packing arrangements with coco butter or food grade grease lubrication in our chocolate internal gear pumps helps to achieve long MTBF (mean time between failures)

Low maintenance needs and lesser attention towards “Tuffgear” internal gear pumps ensure increase in productivity, lesser downtime which further lessens the opportunity lost.

A lower frequency of spares change ensures less inventory requirement by the user, which lowers the inventory cost

We have happy and satisfied customers all over India who are using the “Tuffgear” chocolate pumps for quite some time now in various chocolate applications.

Some applications where our“Tuffgear” Internal gear pumps are being used include:-

  • Chocolate cream, white and brown:- Ball mill
  • Chocolate,white and brown:- Conche
  • Chocolate :- Filling Line

For your chocolate internal gear pump enquiries please feel free to contact us at www.infinitypumps.com or call us on +91-9811016348

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