Infinity Pumps & Systems Pvt. Ltd. has a specialized range of Tuffgear Internal Gear Pumps for the Paint Industry.

From time immemorial, paint has been an integral part of human life, in it and around it, lighting up the festivals, giving a new outlook to one’s self and the abode they reside in. Be it wall paintings rejuvenating the atmosphere during festivals, car paintings when one wants different persona to be reflected on to the society, guiding and leading the way in cold foggy mornings and nights on road, or a simple representation of thought through wall graffiti, paints have been and will always be the reflection of inner most thoughts on to inanimate or animate objects.

This representation of thoughts may look simple, but the process of manufacturing paints of various varieties and colors for the user, is one that is most difficult and critical. Various chemicals, additives, processes and safety procedures have to be taken care and looked after when manufacturing of paints is done.

As such this critical process demands at least a trouble free, low maintenance and high performance positive displacement internal gear pump to the manufacturer. The versatile manufacturing process with different ingredients of the paints raw material like Resin, Epoxy, Solvents and additives require a suitable and up to the mark Internal Gear pump, which caters to the very need of the manufacturer in the least amount of input.

Tuffgear Brand of Internal Gear pumps for paints ensure that these needs of the manufacturer are never missed upon, ensuring a trouble free, low maintenance and high performance operation. Various options available in the metallurgy of Tuffgear Brand of Internal Gear Pumps, like Cast Iron, Stainless Steel 316, Carbon Steel , Ductile iron are available ensuring that the different paint manufacturing processes with critical and hazardous chemicals are catered to.

The heavy duty range of Tuffgear Internal Gear pumps ensure that very abrasive, corrosive chemicals can also be transferred without significant damage to the internal gear pump.

Also available are surface treating option, when the product to be transferred has a very high level of incompatibility with standard materials of construction. These surface treating options ensure a very high performance, with long life and low maintenance of the Tuffgear Brand of Internal Gear Pumps.Tuffgear Internal Gear Pumps are available in different models like Universal range, Motor Speed range, Monoblock range,General Purpose range and Heavy Duty range to cater to various applications like transfer of high viscous epoxy and resins (universal range), tanker unloading of solvents, oils(Motor speed and Mono Block) and transfer of abrasive, high viscous solutions at low pressure (General Purpose) or transfer of abrasive, corrosive and viscous chemicals(Heavy duty).

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