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Internal Gear Pumps include Motor Speed Pumps, Universal Pumps, Motor Mounted Pumps and General Purpose Pumps.

Tuffgear Chocolate Internal gear Pumps

“Tuffgear” Internal gear pumps are the perfect solution for smoother and creamier chocolate manufacturing process. Chocolate is a universally loved product. This love for chocolate culminates in it being melted, mended in different forms. Chocolate manufacturing and processing has always been a challenge to many industry leaders, despite its massive size and versatility. The process […]

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Infinity Pumps & Systems Pvt. Ltd. has a specialized range of Tuffgear Internal Gear Pumps for the Paint Industry. From time immemorial, paint has been an integral part of human life, in it and around it, lighting up the festivals, giving a new outlook to one’s self and the abode they reside in. Be it […]

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Tuffgear the Tuff Pump for Foam Manufacturing

Tuffgear positive displacement internal gear pumps are tough pumps designed especially for some of the toughest applications in the industry. Foams are the building blocks of modern society, and literally they provide you ease, comfort, whether you are driving, sitting on the chair in your office, breaking sweat on the yoga mat in the gym, […]

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