Tuffgear Foam internal gear pumps are tough pumps designed especially for some of the toughest applications in the industry like Foam Manufacturing.

Foams are the building blocks of modern society, and literally they provide you ease, comfort, whether you are driving, sitting on the chair in your office, breaking sweat on the yoga mat in the gym, or going to sleep after a long days of work on your bed.

The process of manufacturing this cushiony foam is not so easy though, there are variety of critical processes involved, caustic chemicals used, chemical reactions in situ, and above all keeping in mind the safety and well being of the manpower involved.

We INFINITY PUMPS SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. have a range of Tuffgear Foam internal gear pumps (positive displacement pump), that are designed keeping all the above factors in mind , assuring you a hassle free, low maintenance and minimal downtime Foam internal gear pump for the pumping needs in your factory.

  • Variety of chemicals are used in the manufacturing of foam, like polyol, calcium carbonate, iso cyanate which are tricky to handle and require utmost care and safety when being handled.
  • A mixture of low concentration calcium arbonate and high concentration polyol is used to achieve the base of the foam.
  • Calcium carbonate and polyol mixture (in filling application) is very abrasive and they wear out, burn out the contact parts of the internal gear pump they are being used in.
  • The life expectancy in this particular application of the conventional internal gear pumps using a cast iron material of construction is quite short, in spite of giving due and preventive maintenance.

Our Tuffgear internal gear pumps are designed keeping just that in mind, with options available for surface tempering of the contact parts which results in substantial increase in the life of our Foam internal gear pumps.

This increase life results in less hassle for the manufacturer, less downtime, less maintenance, resulting directly in more production and the manufacturer getting a value of the money invested when using Tuffgear Foam internal gear pumps.

What more, we have various options available, in the Tuffgear Foam Internal Gear pump models itself, assuring that each and every process is carefully given heed to, and designed specifically with that process in mind, for example for transfer of filler from the mixing kettle to the manufacturing kettle.

We have various installations of Tuffgear Foam Internal Gear Pump all over India and the success stories are not told by us, but the user, with increased life and overall great performance.

Amongst internal gear pumps we manufacture Motor Speed Pumps, Universal Pumps, Motor Mounted Pumps and General Purpose Pumps

For your foam manufacturing pumping needs, give us a call at 9810188765 or mail us at: sales@infinitypumps.com or visit us at infinity pumps

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