Stop your Shaft breakages and failures- Tuffgear Internal Gear Pumps

One of the most common failures of Internal Gear Pump in Bitumen/Asphalt, Chocolate and Neat soap application is shaft breakage or shearing

How many times in your plant, you have a failure in your internal gear pumps due to the shaft getting sheared or broken off?

You have wasted precious time, money, and effort to look for the answer and still nothing?

The pump supplier says to you that there may be a problem of over pressurization, but all your pressure sensors are saying that the pressure is under limit, so whom to trust?

The problem lies in the manufacturing design of the internal gear pump

Most internal gear pumps are designed with a shaft, the diameter of which are smaller. They are designed keeping in mind the maximum limit of the design pressure of the pump. Which to an extent is not wrong if these pumps are used in liquids whose viscosity does not change radically due to change in temperature

But in tricky applications like Bitumen/Asphalt, chocolate and Neat Soap, a slight variation in temperature can result in a huge change in the viscosity. Generally, in these types of application certain SOP’s are maintained at the plant level, where a hot flushing liquid, generally hot water or steam is passed through the pump every-time the pump is started.

A more apt solution would be to adapt the manufacturing design of the pump internals to suit the application and work as a failsafe in case of extreme conditions like over pressure.

Our Tuffgear Internal Gear pumps for bitumen/asphalt, chocolate and neat soap are designed keeping just that in mind.

The larger diameter of the shaft makes sure that the deflection caused due to high back pressure or over pressure is negated in Tuffgear Internal Gear Pump.

A 40% increase in diameter of the shaft decreases the chance of bending/shearing of the shaft by 66%!

The shafts in Tuffgear Internal Gear Pumps are designed such that the percentage deflection is anywhere between 26 to 55% less as compared to the competition. This means that the chances of shaft breaking or shearing is as much less.

The Tuffgear Internal Gear Pumps are designed up to a pressure of 14 Bars, capable of handling most of the demanding applications in Bitumen/Ashphalt, chocolate and neat soap, giving you, peace of mind.

Our engineering team didn’t just stop there though. Apart from the larger diameter of the shaft of Tuffgear Internal Gear Pump, we have also made the surface area of the jacket area larger, resulting in efficient heating of the mechanical seal area

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