Drum Unloding Systems

Drum Unloding Systems

For Drum Unloading Systems, Infinity Pumps & Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers series of Graco's Sanitary Drum Unloading Systems from internationally known Graco Pumps. These Drum Unloading Systems function primarily for pumping products, even from 55-gallon containers with over 99 % evacuation rate. Infinity Pumps makes available this exclusive range of quality Drum Unloading Systems in India at the right price. We also distribute other range of Graco pumps in India, JEC Pumps in India, and TUFFGEAR ® Pumps.

Graco's Sanitary Drum Unloading Systems

The SaniForce drum pump line is designed to efficiently transfer low to high viscosity food, beverage and personal care products, without dilution, from drum.

  • Inflatable wiper seals for increased efficiency and faster change-out of containers.
  • Over 99% evacuation rate.
  • Sanitary flange clamps for quick disassembly.
  • Liner guard to prevent bags from entering pump.
  • One size follower plate and seal to accommodate straight-sided and tapered drums.
  • Faster change-out of empty containers.
  • In priming piston version, for pumping products up to 1,000,000 cps, from 55-gallon containers, without diluting the material.
  • Maximum capacity: 53 LPM
  • Maximum Pressure: 83 Bar
  • Size: 2:1, 5:1, 6:1 & 12:1
  • Material: SS316L
  • Brand: GRACO

More information can be sourced from Drum Unloading Systems pdf which can be download as free pdf.