Sanitary Self Priming Pumps

Sanitary Self Priming Pumps

Infinity Pumps & Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers series of Sanitary Self Priming Pumps as JEPS and JSZ from JEC. These JEC Self Priming Pumps function with lower noise level and better power consumption. Infinity Pumps provide these ranges of quality Sanitary Self Priming Pumps in India at competitive prices. We also provide other range of JEC Pumps in India, Graco pumps in India, and TUFFGEAR ® Pumps.

JEPS Self Priming Pumps

  • JEPS, self-priming pumps are specialized for air and gas contained products which cannot be pumped by general centrifugal pumps.
  • Special designed air screw generates self-priming effect can optimize pump operation.
  • Optimized and customized impeller size.
  • Lower noise level and better power consumption.
  • Modular designed with JEP series.
  • Maximum capacity: 63 m3/hr.
  • Maximum Pressure: 6.2 BAR.
  • Size: 2" x 1.5" to 2.5" x 2"
  • Material: SS316L
  • Brand: JEC Ltd.

JSZ Self Priming Pumps

  • A special side channel within the pump first increases, then decreases the internal volume of the unit as the impeller rotates from suction to discharge parts. The increase in volume creates a vacuum resulting in suction lift, while the decrease in volume generates discharge pressure. A characteristic of the pump is that its power requirement decreases with increasing capacity.
  • Adding an JEC JSZ series pumps to your process plant will improve the working environment by ensuring noise levels are kept to a minimum.
  • There is easy access to the interior of the pump for maintenance work.
  • The robust design of the pumps by short and robust shaft and the spring loaded self balanced mechanical seal type.
  • Maximum capacity: 50 m3/hr.
  • Maximum Pressure: 4 BAR.
  • Size: 2" & 2.5"
  • Material: SS316L
  • Brand: JEC Ltd.

More information is available in Sanitary Self Priming Pumps pdf which can be download as free pdf.