Industrial Lobe Pumps

Industrial Lobe Pumps

Albin MG Industrial Lobe Pumps

Volumertric Rubber Lobe Pump

ALBIN MG Rotary Lobe Pumps are self-priming, valveless, positive displacement pumps. Two synchronized rotors rotating against each other build chambers towards the pump casing. At the suction side the open chambers fill with the conveyed product. The product is displaced in the direction of the volume flow into the discharge side. The capacity is speed related and the flow is reversible. The flow of the média can be reversed simply by changing the direction of the rotation. The rotating lobes are rubber coated ; it is consequently possible to pump random solids.

Designing the MG pump particular care has been dedicated to improve pump life and limit maintenance operations.

Different motorization are available to suit the customers needs: Electric (ATEX), Hydraulic for truck mounting, Thermic (portable units).

The MG pump allows the transfer of viscous and fibrous products, polymeres, latex, slurries, sludges, pastes and muds also containing abrasive and suspended solids with a maximum size of 30 mm.

    Industrial applications

  • Lime milk, molasses, resins, paper, ceramics, tiles industries, and in the machining of      glass and marble.

    Water treatment

  • Sewage Thickened, Sludge Dewatered, Sludge Clarifier, Waste Activated Sludge, Digested      Sludge, Primary Sludge, Lime Milk, Raw Sludge.


  • Crude oil, Solvents, heavy oils, Cleaning of petroleum sludge food industry, in agriculture,      in drilling plants, etc..
  • Maximum capacity: 310 m3/hr
  • Maximum Pressure: 5 Bar
  • Size: 200MM
  • Brand: Albin